Creating a Strategy: Week 7

Nora Guerrera
2 min readNov 7, 2023


Review and Reflect

This is week 7 of 12 in our series Creating a Strategy.

This week, we take a short pause to reflect.

Six weeks ago, we started and focused on where you are today. This looked at your unique value proposition, your current customers, your current market, your competition, current challenges, and your initial ideas and aspirations.

We then explored where you want to go. This included exploration, understanding, and creating empathy. You’ve talked to your customers, observed your customers or target customers, evaluated your competition, looked at analogous examples, and opened your mind to what might be.

You then synthesized what you’ve learned and went bold and broad, generating many new ideas before you ultimately narrowed down to focus on a few to move forward.

As we have been going, there were times you had to take a first pass but ultimately move forward.

Now is the time to review and revisit:

  • Does your unique value prop (UVP) need a revision?
  • What about your competitors? Based on your current point of view, are there new competitors to consider?
  • Customers? Are they the same as when you started or have some of your ideas and choices so far opened you up to new customers?
  • What else do you want to review, revise, or rethink?

You don’t have to delete the work you’ve done so far. Instead, take this time to refine your work and prepare to move into the third and final component of our work: Creating a Path to Get There.

See you next week!

If you’ve been following along- let us know! Share your experience in the comments or give us a clap. Thanks for being part of our community.



Nora Guerrera

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