Creating Space for Thinking and Time for Reflection

Nora Guerrera
2 min readFeb 23, 2024

The Ignition of New Ideas and New Insights

Moving from task to task without considering, exploring, or reflecting doesn’t allow new connections to be made, new ideas to be formed, or new questions to come to light.

Allowing space for thinking and time for reflection is often easier said than done.

A recent episode of Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast podcast featured an interview with Malissa Clark, Associate Professor and Head of the Healthy Work Lab at the University of Georgia. In it, she shared her expertise on how companies can work better, smarter, and achieve more. I encourage you to listen to the whole episode, but one example stood out: Organizations who have tried a 4-day work-week decreased turnover, increased revenue, employees reported being more satisfied at work, were less burned out, and their net profit went up.

Time and Space = Found

This is great news! Shaving off ineffective, nebulous, and unproductive time was positive for the employees and the companies. When employees only work 4 days a week, this gives them an entire day of ‘extra’ time every week that’s FREE. Free of the pressure to be on Slack, free from checking email, free from sitting in offices, in cubes, or at desks.

True free time allows individuals to take walks, listen to podcasts, learn new things, and have conversations. Real conversations. It creates more opportunities for connecting and engaging with a broad set of people and experiences. During this free time, employees are also able to create space for thinking and time to reflect and explore the unknown — the ignition for new ideas, new insights, and the ability to actively pursue them.

Thought Starters

  • How are you creating time to think and reflect?
  • How are you creating space for new ideas and new connections?
  • How are you allowing and encouraging others to do the same?
  • How do you turn on the ignition of new ideas and new insights?

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