Creating Traction: Part 2

Nora Guerrera
7 min readJan 23, 2024

Aligning Activities to Actions

In last week’s post, we shared the modified GIST framework and how it can be used to organize your work and activities. As a reminder, GIST stands for:

  • Goals: the vision, outcome, or achievement you’re striving for, the thing you most care about or are passionate about or it’s the thing(s) you want to accomplish
  • Ideas: the ideas you have on how you might achieve your goal(s)
  • Steps: incremental tests or questions you need to complete to test your ideas
  • Tasks: things that need to be achieved in order to accomplish the Steps

This week, we’ll go deeper, looking at some examples of how this framework can be used and why it’s so effective.

One note: in order for this framework to be helpful, you must know who you are, what you do, who benefits from it, and why they will want it from you- why you’re uniquely special (irreplaceable). If you’re not sure about these things, jump to the bottom of this article for a quick cheat on Unique Value Propositions.


  • Establish your Goal(s)
  • Determine your Ideas
  • Define the Steps and Tasks to pursue them
  • Check-in, iterate and make progress

Now let’s dive in:


As we mentioned above, goals are the vision, outcomes, or achievements you’re striving for, the thing you most care about or are passionate about. They could also be the things you want to accomplish- or have been told you need to accomplish.

Choose your goal to correspond with your target outcomes. Common uses are:

  • Individual Guidance: Organize and align all of your activities (work and home) with your overall purpose in life.
  • Company or Organizational Leadership: Establish goals for your company or organization, and then align and organize your activities to support them.
  • Team Management: Manage the goals of your team and…



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