See the Future

Nora Guerrera
4 min readNov 16, 2023

Why Weak Signals Matter

The future is unknown, but it’s coming. And it’s possible to see and prepare for.

How? Look for strategic inflection points. Monitor them. Prepare for them, and then take action when (and if) the time is right.

“A strategic inflection point is a change in the business environment that dramatically shifts some element of your activities, throwing certain ‘taken-for-granted’ assumptions into question.” — Rita McGrath, Seeing Around Corners

Inflection points happen gradually, then suddenly.

Inflection points are caused by technological changes, regulatory changes, new social possibilities, demographic changes, new connections and political changes.

Which one is going to rock your boat? Which one is going to cause a dramatic shift for you or your business? We don’t know- yet, but over time we will.

There are five stages in the development of inflection points:

  1. Weak Signal — This is the earliest stage. At this stage signals…



Nora Guerrera

Managing Director at Northome Groupe. We create spaces and places for connection, conversation, and growth around design thinking and design strategies.